Weekends in Penang and Kuantan


Nana just started work and lately shes been coming home late. I on the other hand just finished our show for the year and have a lot of free time. Sometimes I call her up randomly for a meet up but she's either still at work or too tired to go out. Last weekend I asked her if she wants to hang out and her reply was "I taktau mana you dapat your energy, every weekend you pegi sini sana"

No, Na. When there's time, sleep all you can. And make time to go out if money and cash are a luxury.

So yeah. 3 weekends ago, right after our FHM exhibition ended, I board a bus and went to Penang for Kimi amd Ain's convocation. Got to spend time with Lii Jing and meet many friends from USM.

It's always great to be back in the island and USM. Sempatlah duduk 2 malam kat sana and makan beria the food that I miss.

I didnt plan to spend much but Kimi just had to take me to the bookstore in Chowrasta. Maka, we both left with 3 books each and 200 dollars lighter.

The rest I spent on food and flowers for my 2 closest friends. So glad I managed to be there and see them in their robes. So proud.

And then last weekend Tangsue and I planned a random trip back to our beloved hometown Kuantan. Main purpose is to be beach bums (and that we did!). But hello, we're in Kuantan. And when you put Tangsue + Faraha together, its makan trip!

Hold on! I need to announce this. I DROVE FROM KL TO KUANTAN!!! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Our first stop when we arrived was Hoi Yin for mi kicap kuah kari extra fishball tambah tulang ayam. Hoih sedapnya! Next we went to Mustafa Cendol for cendol pulut. Next on our agenda was picnic at Pantai Pelindung. Picnic means food, therefore we stopped by Taman Gelora for karipap special, Tanjung Lumpur for otak2, sata, udang celup tepung and air kelapa. But then it rained.

Gerimis pun lantaklah, all we cared was to spend the evening at the beach. We were joined by Tangsue's schoolmates - such a warm and fun bunch there are! After the beach we moved our lepak session to new place in town, Kula Cakes which serves cakes and really sedap drink concoction called Pandan Cooler. Desserts first! Then dinner. Such hipsters we are.

For dinner, we brought ourselves to Teluk Chempedak or hipsterly known as TC. They had a new fast food concept restaurant that serves Western Food called something Rimba Bistro. Good food, satisfying portion, nice flavours and reasonably priced. The only downside is theres too many people queing and the place is stuffy! But their staffs are efficient.

Next morning we went for Nasi Minyak breakfast at Tanjung Api and hit the beach again! We brought a mat and an umbrella, some ice cream, books, sunnies and a bottle of bubble for Tangsue. Picked a shady spot in Teluk Tongkang and laze awaaaayyy. That was THE highlight of the weekend. Sleeping at the beach. So nais. I wanna do it again and have a Mean Girls trip with the rest of the girls!

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