Raya agak beria


Hello! I finally managed to sign in via my phone. Long story short, now I can blog using phone and upload pictures which are all stored in here!

I know its been months since I last blog. Bulan puasa. Ni dah sebulan selepas raya! This raya we spent in Kajang and the rest being home. Well for myself, every weekend was happening as I went beraya at various places and accepted invitations to weddings and engagements. And boy! There were a lot of tying the knot and half tying the knot event.

Please just entertain yourselves with the pictures. I'll add the accompanying posts afterwards. Now need to go select some pictures.

And here are some photos from Eikha & Em's engagement, Kecik & Ully's engagement, Nora & Haniq's wedding and Farah & Afnan's wedding. Congratulations again guys!!!

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