Hello hi!

This pemalas person have been too malas to blog of late because

  1. I dont go online using my laptop anymore, now its just phone and iPad and its no fun to write without a proper keyboard kan?
  2. I write on Twitter? (can that pass as a reason?)
  3. There's too much that happened but not really blog worthy.
  4. Nah, I just don't feel sharing. Life is content when you dont try to seek that much attention anymore.
In a nutshell, I would have to agree with Pakchaq when he once said that blog tempat orang cari perhatian,

So anyway! This post is to explain where, how, and why Wallpak is being used by E, Ya and I.
Terasa terpanggil nak explain when E blogged about it here.

In USM, I am close to Kimi and Syafiq. One time we went out with their mutual friend Jali. Kimi and Jali are from Kelantan and they have a friend with an unsignificant name I cannot remember. That friend will blurt WALLPAK! When he is angry or mad at something. We don't know what it means. Even Kimi and Jali do not know, they just laughed at him.

So Kimi, Jali, Syafiq and I assumed that Wallpak is the friend's version of WTF. Get it? Doesnt't it sound similar and almost had the same effect?

And since that night I decided I want to use Wallpak instead of using WTF too. More sopan since its not actually cussing. Heh heh heh.


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