I don't know how people do it!


Seriously? Baru FYP je. Blog dah tersadai ke mana entah. Belum start buat kerja kursus yang berlambak tu lagi. Back then when people tell me "wah rajin nak bertahan tulis blog" I take it lightly je. Sebab apa benda yang menyusahkan sangat kan?

And now... haaaa baru kau tau di situ!

I wonder how people like Kak Elviza, Aunty Shana, Aunty Ena can divide their time between family, work and writing! And Im they don't just write in blogs! They did professional writings too! And publish things!


Maybe its just coz I'm lazy?

* * * * * * * * * * 

Last weekend I went here

 To watch them

 And the weekend before I went back to Semenyih for

To celebrate Dhaniah's 1st birthday!

And the reason I'm busy is because of?


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