Chapter 5: Memangla penat, tapi macamane nak buat?


Description of my feelings now.
Memang xleh buat apa.
I just told his bestfriend 2 days ago.
Seriously, wasn't planning too. But this guy, Mr.Bestfriend...he has a way of getting into ur deepest secret.
And so, i told him everything. About why i like the guy, how i came to like the guy, why i wait, and everything. No names were mentioned at first but hey, he's one of a kind. Not hard to guess. At all! Especially for his bestfriend.

Each time i tell someone new about these feelings i have, it started again. I like him again, i started back from scratch again. And that night, i know that i put a little hope. I may say i never hope for him to come but waiting for him itself is hoping. Hoping for things that may never happen. Haish, Mr.Bestfriend, u give me hope.

He actually gave words that i didnt expect to come from him. He said he will be happy if him and i were to be together and he would pray for us to end up together. Dear god, imagine my feelings? Sungguh terharu. He told me not to give up, and all i can say is, tak perlu bagitau...memang tak boleh pun.

If any of you can find me another guy just like him i will be shocked. Cari dalam seribu pun belum tentu ada. Kalau ada, chances i'll fall for that person too.

I confess, i dont want a boyfriend. I just want him.

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  1. u said dah takde dah
    chapter2 sume ni.
    ape eh u ckp? dah malas?

  2. nanti bile i jumpe u..i nk potong u puye *toot* . i am angry i tell ya!


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