White Wedding in Teratak Murni


After 2 months of hiatus from attending weddings every weekend (yes, I attend weddings every weekend - that's my favourite past time. And because in Islam its our kewajipan to another Muslim. I'll list it down below), I was super excited to attend a White Wedding in Teratak Murni!

Achik Kerry got married (ehem!) to his wife Kak Ammilia on Saturday the 8th of April. And because this is not the first marriage for the pair, they decided to have small, simple, sempoi minum petang (tea time reception) the next day on the 9th.

Though I was informed that there's not much to be done since its not exactly a reception, I did come back a day earlier. Hey, it's a wedding - of course there's something to be done. And being a close knit family like we are - too many surprises!

  • Toto & Neni prepared 100pcs doorgift for the guests. I bought Ferrero Rocher in Langkawi as requested by Toto and simply passed it to Achik in Langkawi for him to bring back to KL . (The groom didn't even know it was meant for his wedding)
  • Ya & Ayaq bought 2 cakes for the occasion and Kak Aisha also bought one, we only found out about all these cakes through WhatsApp conversation when the groom requested for an anniversary cake for Toto & Neni and a joined birthday cake for April babies.
  • Tantiey & Along decided to decorate the wakaf and arch for photo taking purposes, and Tantiey being the super crafty person that she is - even created pinata filled with chocs for the kids.
  • There was a lottttt of plastic and tissue flowers required for the deco and I am not at all a DIY person - but I helped.
The morning of the wedding, we were all still preparing for the makan-makan later and did not change until 30minutes before the event. But my my my, it was soooooo lovely seeing all of us in white and light tones - a merry gathering in the rain.


YES, it poured! But didn't stop anybody from enjoying the time. I loveeee family time. 

To Achik, may this marriage last until the end of time. You already know how I feel about you finally having a family of your own. Indescribable feeling. What more you, who's been wanting it for so long.

Kak Ammilia and sons - Azriff & Ayden, welcome to the family! You guys complete Achik. I am happy for you as much as I am for him. Good luck raising 3 boys Kak Amy!

Footnote: as mentioned earlier, here's the list of  duties/obligations of one Muslim to another
  1. To give and receive the greeting of peace - Assalammualaikum
  2. To respond to invitations - thus the reason I am always attending weddings
  3. To advise when asked - give beneficial opinion, one you would like to hear yourself
  4. to pray for well-being of one who sneezed - you've heard before when someone says Bless You. Same concept.
  5. To visit one who is ailing - the best of the righteous deeds, to ease their worries.
  6. To attend his/her funeral - it is obligatory.

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