Midnight Microblogging


I am the type of person who writes whenever I need to cope with sadness. i used to blog all the time. And then it was on Facebook status, responses were immediate. i didnt like it much. I moved to Twitter - the messages get dilluted by others' faster. But that means it gets small amount of readership. Maybe none, people will just scroll it up.

And then theres Instagram. Where people collect likes and try to outdo each other with photographs. Giving impression that life is all rainbows and unicorns tapi sebenarnya kuda padi je.

Nevertheless, I am one of those people too. For years I've been all positive in my Instagram. Until recently when major things happened. I started jotting my thoughts and upload it as pictures rather than writing it on the caption. I started with #AStoryADay and now shifted to #MidnightMicroblogging

Lets face it, like many Malaysian - my followers dont read too. They click like because photos are pretty, girls are hot, abs, overpriced food etc etc. Thus the reason I will not participate in collecting likes. If I do, my social experiment will be a major failure.

Thats it. 

To more things to look forward to in 2016.
Quality time,
People to love.

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