Another wunderbar word from the Germans who brought us wanderlust.

For the past few months Ive been praising God and giving thanks for all He has given me. This stretch of luck Ive been blessed with, no one knows how grateful I feel. No one.

Growing up, all i wanted was to travel. I have had my opportunities but it doesnt come often. I opted to study abroad to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I didnt get the chance to do that either because Allah has better plans for me.

THIS was his plan. In the span of 4 months, I've been to 4 countries. And 3 of it for free. I dont know what luck came to me but this rezeki, I cherish. Alhamdulillah.

I thought Japan would be the last one for me until I renew my passport for the next one maybe in the end of the year. Manalah tahu tiba2 bos called and ask "can you come to Abu Dhabi with me?"

I was on MC due to swollen eardrums, but I heard that right the first time and yes of course I can and will make sure Im well enough to go.

So I made my way to UTC for passport renewal and as I flip the pages, I feel a bit sentimental. Not because I had all the pages filled but because the passport went many places, except the 2 countries it was meant for.

I had it renewed in 2010 to prepare myself for my long years studying in Australia and New Zealand. We all know I stayed on in Penang instead. But look where I am going now??

I uploaded this caption on my instagram the day I got my passport renewed. And not one day I dont feel thankful where the road has taken me. No matter how un-enjoyable the trip was. When the opportunity comes, grab it! And make the most of it.

As for my sehnsucht, I do feel it. When travel bug bites. On the nights I arrive home. When Im back but had no one to come back to. Im aware of my longing, but not to what its for or what I think Im yearning for. C'est la vie.

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