I'm recovering from post-exhibition withdrawal syndrome. Company just finished the biggest DSA and I've been super rajin - going to work everyday and coming home late (including weekends) for the past 33 days.

Truthfully, I enjoyed it. The work and the company. I thought its gonna suck working with the government. Eventhough not working FOR them. But turns out Im lucky to have all these wonderful people to work with. There will be no pictures because I was just so exhausted - I couldn't be bothered to take pics with all the large exhibits that were showcased at DSA.

Heck, I don't even have photos with the people I work with. OK not much lah kot. Ada lah sikit sini sana. Now my company are compensating errr rewarding us with a lot of makan trips. Nah lah.

Conclusion dia sebenarnya I'm bored. So I'm blogging but since I open this window dari pagi and only started writing after office hours, theres not much pengisian. K lah. If rajin nanti I will properly write about it.

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