Shara + Hairi solemnization and reception



I know I'm suppose to update about Bali but I've been procrastinating. That, I admit. Soooooo here is a post not about Bali!

Shara got married to her abang polis, Inspektor Fadzli Hairi last week. You know each time a Timah has an occasion - engagement/ solemnization/ reception, the bride (to-be) will definitely want all of us to wear the same colour. For Shara's case, the colour changed twice after confirmation. That made her decide.... "Semua pakai jubah hitam! Tudung I sponsor!"

Senang cerita. All of us agreed happily and said Alhamdulillah. Thank you Shara!

On the 11th of December 2013, we all went in one car from KL to Shara's house in Klang and made it just in time to see the ijab kabul taking place. The bride looked sooooooo radiant and beautiful. Shara, from a mix parentage of Kelantanese Malay and Punjabi looked even more gorgeous as a bride.

Only managed to get a papparazi shot of the newlyweds. There's so many people queue-ing to take pictures with them that we decided, makan dulu lah!

That's all of us who were able to make it. Alhamdullilah Shara is now a wife.

Yesterday was their reception at Klang Executive Club. A mixture of Malay and Punjabi custom plus a dash of police sword bearing ceremony. No theme for us this time. Ya and I wanted to reuse our salwaar khameez (punjabi suit). Well, she managed to do that. I on the other hand cannot fit into my top anymore. So I wore Mama's. The baju is so sarat okay. Tersesak nafasku.

Just because everyone looked super cantik yesterday, I had all of them to posed for OOTD shots.

Here's a bit more of us..

Shara and Hairi, congratulations on your marriage. You had beautiful ceremonies. I'm happy I am a part of that. Make sure your marriage will be just as beautiful as your wedding. Be patient with each other, stay in love. I can't wait to see your offsprings! Semoga perkahwinan ini dirahmati Allah. Amin...

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