Wedding news popping up like zits


Hello Serendipity!
Gosh I miss you and I definitely miss writing. Been too long. I think in the midst of adapting to the job, I sorta forgot to be myself. I forgot to be fun. Corporate is sometimes too rigid. And the drama, holymatherrrrr! Old men are worst than high school girls! But that's in the past now.

Yup! I resigned. After 6 months of up and downs, crash course (which I never really understood) in Oil & Gas and a whole lot of events....I decided to move on. True, one can say that I am wasting such a great opportunity, but I don't want to stay. I'm not happy. I believe I will and can be happier in my element - creative communications! Therefore, I am on a job search again.

My previous job was actually my first interview. I didnt try anywhere else and I didn't even test the waters. This decision to leave (despite dipujuk dan dioffer macam-macam oleh the President), I owe it to myself. It wasn't a spur of the moment decision, I thought (not that) long and (pretty) hard. But this resistance and reluctance have always been in me. I need to go. So go I shall.

14th January will be my last day. Nearing the day, I do feel quite sad. Albeit management change for a few times during my employment period, I have been blessed by nice and happening office colleagues. Sure, there are some moments (almost every day) that I get cranky and bitchy because others asked the same question repeatedly, or we all were scolded by the boss early in the morning that everyone is in a foul mood... we had a great time. Goodbye guys, it was fun to work with you.

OK. Back to the topic. I digress because I was thinking about my acne and relating it to the job and work stress but really! I hear engagement and wedding news almost everyday! Not to mention the invitations all que-ed to next January! Man. Here I am without a job even. Hmph. Congratulations guys. Hope marriage will satisfy your hierarchy of needs! Pun intended.

Seems like my friends who are back from overseas also came back for their ceremony, and some share through messages or Whatsapp like its not a big deal. OKLAH! Im jealous because to me it will be a big deal (as currently it is already a big deal)- others are getting hitched and I don't even have a glimpse of walking towards that side. Boo hoo hoo.

Im sure I'll sprint when there's a splinter of sight.

Serendipity? Are you ever gonna happen again?

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