Work Eid!


Ever since I started working, gone are the time I spent on Twitter, Running Man and blog hopping. On most days I go to work at 7.30 and leave well after 5.30. Some days I feel so demotivated I dont want to come back, but also on the same day, something nice happens and I see myself returning there. Its my second month already. Can you believe it?! Im giving this place a chance for a bit more. You know office politics are everywhere so I just dismiss that. People here are nice and friendly. And one particular person is so highly motivated that Im partly scared and partly admiring his qualities. Okay enough. Lets share some raya pictures!

This year is the turn to celebrate in White House, Pekan, Pahang. 80 plus family members all bundled in one house! Havoc! As always, the morning of Eid will be a problematic day for all of us. There's not enough water for everyone to bathe. So this year my uncles installed a new pumping system. Everything was fine and dandy.....until the very morning itself. Alas! Still no water! So all the males in the family went to the mosque to shower and even there they had to compete with each other so that they can get ready early for Eid prayers.

All is good this year. I managed to give all my cousins duit raya. First salary for the family! InsyaAllah in future I can give more to more people.


By the way, I still receive duit raya! Heh heh heh. Pictures below are from the many open houses and gathering I attended.

Oooops! The last picture is for another post ;)

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