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Back again.
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My FYP is overrrrrrrrrrrrr! Now we are all busy raking our brains to finish our report and individual assignment due 5th May. Our last event STRIP: The Final Call went well, Alhamdulillah. I was so busy being nervous trying not to spoil the lighting of the whole event that night. And I managed to go through with all the technical difficulties! With glitches here and there. Bebe and I was sweating and trying to keep our cool in the technical room. Luckily Nicholas came to help us out. Menetes peluh sejuk. Since I was hungry and cranky, of course I did not manage to keep my cool. Thank God they were with me. Kalau orang lain yang annoying I bebel nonstop kot.

The next night we all went for our Rock & Roll Diamond themed Comm night. First prom I ever attended. Since I did not have the time to shop nor the money to get something new, I just wore what I have. My acid wash skinny jeans, plain black top, black cardigan with studs, peacock green satin shawl and black heels. Done!

Food was good, company was great, night was awesome. ADWAVE won a few awards. Us STRIPpers screamed our lungs out when they announced we won Best Teamwork and Best Creative Production. By the time our Deputy Dean announced we won Best Campaign we were all shrieking and running to get on stage! Apparently that's not all we won. We were also recipient for VC List - Persuasive Comm section. Yay for ADWAVE 2012: STRIP!

I didn't feel the sadness yet then because everyone was too busy taking photographs, smiling and laughing with each other. The feelings set once I'm in my room, uploading pictures. I regret not taking enough photographs with important people who matter during my 2 years here. I will definitely miss them. Hope all will be the best in the area they joined.


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  1. Thank you untuk gambar aku yang gojes tu.


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