Hehe! Disebabkan ibuzz korea come up with an awesome interactive site for 'experience' in Korea for 3 days with 2PM and Miss A, maka sampai sesudah subuh baru tidur semalam.

Paling best website ni sebab the first day after arriving, hang out with Taecyeon. Naik bike. Dia bawak jalan-jalan, makan and lepak with his friends - Junsu, Junho, and Fei who misses me! Then Chansung dressed me up for a Nanta concert that Taecyeon was performing! Can be more awesome tak? YES IT CAN!

Second day was spent free and easy with Suzy and Jia at the traditional Hanok house. And more Korean food!

Third day, personal tour with goodwill tour guide - Wooyoung! Or Min. Your choice.

Superfun ahhhh they created interactive virtual tour of Korea. With 2PM pulak tu!!!!! And there's this photo booth section that we can paste our face on the person's body. Konon-konon we are taking pictures with them lah. See that one? That's mine with my ultra lover. Heh!

Saranghae oppa!

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