That awkward moment when friends invited themselves to your house


Sunday, after that Raya gathering and photo session at Nenek's place, we went straight back because Abah had a meeting to go to. I was in the mood to go beraya sebab dah berpakaian raya kan. So I tweeted and texted whoever I can think of that I thought might be available to open their houses for me.

Jadinya, D.E.F. reunion! Dila and I (along with Erin and Dila's brother) forced Enor to invite us to her house. Pastu memang berjoyah and camwhore lah dari pukul 5 sampai nak dekat pukul 10. Tunjuk sikit jelah. Sebab banyak gambar meroyan.

The next day (semalam, 5 Sept) buah keras dipulangkan kepadaku. My friends led by Emon, decided to invite themselves to my place pulak. Siap beli finger foods to fry at my place. Main reason: to hang out. Lepak je, beraya tak dibenarkan. Because my house is not in a presentable manner for people to beraya in. So we fried nuggets and drummets, eat, drink, and gossip. Then watched Kill Bill for a bit until the DVD got stuck.

After a while, Emon needs to leave. So Afiq and Shah sent her back, and then came back for lepak session 2! We went to NZ for urrrhumm some smoky time and games of charades, 3,6,9 anddddd The Annihilation game that developed everyone's paranoia! Oh yeah, Emon place was taken over by Nabil who made special appearance.

Time nak balik tu, about 5 cute little kittens crossed our paths. So everyone sempat main kucing for a while. Except Shah who apparently doesnt touch any animals at all. Le sigh! Sumpah comel nampak macam kucing bersih yang orang bela. A few was playing under Shanaz's car. Jadi misi pulak lah Afiq dengan Shah nak bawak kucing keluar. Kalau tak panggil keluar takut inalillah pulak masa kereta bergerak kan. We don't want to witness murder or have a murderer among us!

All in all, I'm actually glad that they invited themselves over. 
Or else bila lah nak dapat berkumpul ramai-ramai macam tu. Thanks for coming evrybadeh! 

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