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Here goes nothing!

Name 5 favourite food that you feel like having now -

(1) Mrs.Field's Butter Toffee Cookies
(2) Yoshinoya's Beef Bowl
(3) That awesome brownie from Hartamas Square
(4) Chilis's Triple Play or Fajitas
(5) Abah's Nasi Goreng Hijau

Name 5 food you would like to have for breakfast if you could -

Kalau ikutkan hati -

(1) McD's Sausage McMuffin
(2) Semenyih's nasi goreng
(3) Gardenia toast with Dorina butter
(4) Food from Tang Ling
(5) Mee Kicap Hoi Yin kat Kuantan.

(Tukarlah sikit, things Im most likely to spend money on for berbuka:)

Name 5 food you would most likely buy for berbuka today -

(1) Air tebu
(2) Samosas
(3) Air tembikai (susu)
(4) Rendang limpa
(5) Caramel pudding

See Mike, i can control my appetite. Har har!

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  1. Thanks for being a sport, dear :D

    Hmmmm...rendang limpa...YUMMY!!!
    Yoshinoya's Beef Bowl - Double Yummy!!! And caramel pudding?!!

    I think our selera in food is more or less the same laa!

    (I can hear my tummy rumbling now...)


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